IHL propose ArcadeWATCH for AGC and bingo security

Coinslot IHL ArcadeWATCH
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With AGCs and bingo halls often being the target of criminal behaviour, Integrated HotList Technology has proposed ArcadeWATCH, a security application designed to identify suspicious characters and offenders.

Integrated HotList Technology (IHL) has proposed the development of ArcadeWATCH, an application designed to assist the AGC sector in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour.

The goal of this proposal is to increase security and staff welfare in all AGC and bingo venues across the country by recording and sharing profiles.

The proposal from IHL states: “The application allows the recording and sharing of information in predefined locality groups. This can be national, regional, area or town based, even post code led, as well as single or multioperator.”

This information is collected using a security system that allows for the creation of individual profiles, and these profiles are then passed to all operators signed up to ArcadeWATCH.

“Information is recorded using the camera, location technology and predefined drop downs to create descriptions of suspicious characters or offenders. “The information is then shared instantly with other venues alerting them instantly to possible or actual security breaches.”

National information, uploaded by Bacta, IHL or operators, is collated in a central portal in which activity can be viewed and managed. While data automatically leaves the central portal at a configurable period, it can also be stored long-term for reference.

The proposal outlined its high ambitions for ArcadeWATCH, which IHL believe can benefit every operator across the country: “The goal is to have all 1600 AGCs and 150 Bingo Extra venues using the shared reporting tool to harness all the information about potential security threats and anti-social customers, thus creating a none fraud friendly environment.”

By its very nature, the more operators that sign up to ArcadeWATCH, the more powerful of a security solution it becomes. While the database of suspicious characters and offenders will take time to build, the result will enable the coinop industry to work together to prevent crime as a community. This sentiment was underpinned in IHL’s proposal with a clear ideal.

“Prevention is the main functionality,” it concluded. “If all venues report in the right manner, then each offence should be limited to the first, at best, and only offence.”

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