It’s the end of the world as bingo knows it

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Mediawatch delves into a spot of bingo-powered doomsday predictions.

This week finds a warning from the Daily Mail warning you to be careful about where you get your bingo.

The leader of the defunct Agape doomsday cult is raising funds through a Swiss bingo scheme to fund operations in Fiji, it has been revealed.

Cult leader Rocco Leo fled to Fiji after authorities raided his South Australia compound in 2010. Leo’s ties to the Swiss charity bingo scene were uncovered by a joint investigation between the Sunday Mail and the Italian newspaper 20 Minuti Ticino.

The organisation is one of the ‘biggest groups involved’ in Ticino’s $198,000 charity bingo industry, the investigation found. Leo’s former doomsday cult, Agape, warned followers of a 2012 apocalypse, claiming that everyone on Earth would be implanted with microchips and those who refused would be killed by the government.

Leo reportedly promised to save cult members by taking them a place called ‘The Island’ in the South Pacific if they handed over their life savings. Family of Agave members said Leo told his followers he had bought an island in Vanuatu and convinced them to hand over money – in some cases as much as $1 million – to fund their new life.

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