Competitions and Markets Authority clears Novomatic and Talarius merger

Coinslot Novomatic Talarius
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The acquisition of Talarius by Novomatic has been given the go-ahead.

Novomatic is to avoid the need for a full-scale enquiry by the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) relating to its proposed takeover of Talarius.

The business regulator had previous expressed concerns over a number of specific locations around the UK where the buyout would create unfair market conditions, but following promises from Novomatic to sell off a number of AGCs, the CMA has officially given the go-ahead for the deal to be completed.

Chesterfield, Clapham, Dartford, Darlington (Northgate) and Grimsby (Freeman Street) were the areas identified as troublesome for the CMA, but following the release of a report earlier this month, it now seems content with Novomatic’s plans to sell either the Talarius AGC in Chesterfield, Dartford and Grimsby (Freeman Street) and the Novomatic AGCs in Clapham and Darlington (Northgate) or to divest the Talarius AGC in each of the five highlighted local areas.

The company is also believed to have demonstrated that there are a number of companies interested in purchasing these locations.

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