Project’s Crazy Chicken earns its corn throughout pre-launch testing

Coinslot Project Crazy Chicken
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Project’s Crazy Chicken, which has entered its third month of on-site testing, continues to exceed its pre-launch performance targets.

As the only video redemption game on the market begins its ninth week on test, the average seven day cash box is 26% above target, underlining its ability to contribute to operators’ bottom line profits on a consistent basis.Coinslot Project Crazy Chicken

“Following its launch at EAG, the level of interest from coastal and inland operators in a game that takes redemption to another level has been immense” stated Project Managing Director, Tony Boulton. “We’ve received considerable input from operators and on the basis that customers are invariably correct in their analysis of what works in the field, we have acted on their advice, notably in relation to the branding and its extension to both the side and front-on profile. The impact has been positive and I am delighted the game is showing its income durability and consistency.”

Crazy Chicken utilises video and 3D animation, taking redemption to a new level and attracting family audiences accustomed to and comfortable with playing screen-based entertainment on tablets and smart phones. The use of video has enabled Project to deliver a multi-line and interactive experience.

Crazy Chicken has seven different percentage options with Project confirming the game is running to within 0.5% accuracy.

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