E-Service set up ‘one stop shop’ for currency changes

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
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Spares and after-sales provider E-Service exhibited at EAG with the primary goal of engaging with operators who may need support through the upcoming currency changes.

Managing director of E-Service Mike Clokie explained the ways in which his company can help during a time of great upheaval in the cash handling arena: “For operators who don’t want to do the upgrade themselves, we’ll go in and we do typically 98 percent of the mechanisms on site. This takes any pain and aggravation out of it for operators, who don’t have to invest in any equipment or training of their own engineers. An alternative to that, for operators who have their own engineers and some service tools, we’ve provided additional information and programming tools so that they are able to upgrade about 60-70 percent of their own products. Finally, for small numbers of mechanisms, we provide a solution where operators send mechs back to us and we send them advanced replacement products.”

During this period of change many operators have considered changing to a TiTo system rather than updating old equipment, however Clokie believes ticketing still has some way to go before taking cash’s throne.

He added: “TiTo in the UK is still relatively in its infancy, people are evaluating it with a number of machines, but still while we are working for a common protocol, there are two or three systems on the market that don’t fully integrate with each other. Until we get full integration, it’s very difficult to lead people in the correct direction. If operators want TiTo for some of the best-performing equipment, they could end up with three different systems on site, which isn’t good for players or operators. While TiTo can offer huge benefits, until we get that common communication protocol there are still barriers.”

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