EAG 2017 report – Sound Leisure: Bringing jukeboxes to a new generation

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Jukebox specialists Sound Leisure brought their eye-catching free standing jukeboxes to EAG as part of a stand that showcased the company’s ground-breaking partnership with TouchTunes and Soundnet.

Sound Leisure brought the latest in jukebox technology to EAG, showcasing a concise sampling from its considerable portfolio of digital and classic free-standing jukeboxes.

Of particular note was the the Digital 1015 which features a 15 inch TFT touch screen display embedded in a re-engineered cabinet. The unit offers Sound Leisure Milestones in Music technology to drive the system whilst maintaining the look of one of the most iconic jukeboxes of all time.

Accompanying this was a CD version of the unit, which Black noted was performing especially well in the home consumer market. The classic-looking Digital Rocket unit, featuring TouchTunes digital technology and consumer experience on a wide-aspect display rounded off the range on show.

As well as the classic jukebox division, Sound Leisure are now supplying the TouchTunes Playdium unit to the UK market.

Black said: “It is a new system for the UK and it has been accepted extremely well; it has been non-stop for two days at the show. It is a new concept and something we felt we had to do. The market needed a change, so it was a big decision for us to stop manufacturing audio wall boxes and to partner up with TouchTunes, which is the best option.”

The two-module Playdium unit has quickly become well known for its ease of installation and servicing, offering operators a simple, cost effective music solution packed with the latest technology.

Black was keen to note the app functionality that the unit provides, allowing patrons to use the jukebox from their phones and highlighted the user-friendly consumer experience it offers.

“This is what commercial outlets want now. There is a wide choice of music, it is presented in way that consumers find very appealing and easy to use and it is what we are trying to say is the future now. It is a huge revenue source potentially, and brings new people to the machine. You have got people that wouldn’t necessarily go to a jukebox to play it, but if they can use a phone they will.”

Take up of the Playdium unit following both its recent launch, and at EAG, have been especially promising according to Black

Speaking on the partnership with the American jukebox provider he said: “They have such a wealth of knowledge in the jukebox industry and they have all the resources to fulfil what we all know jukeboxes are capable of doing. So we are drawing on their expertise and it is a great partnership we have formed together.”

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