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AMI Entertainment Network purchase NSM Music Group

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U.S. based entertainment network to invest in innovations for European Jukebox market.

A major shift in the dynamics of the European jukebox industry has seen the acquisition of NSM Music Group Ltd. by US-based AMI Entertainment Network, a leading provider of music and video entertainment solutions to the nightclub and bar industry.

AMI has been designing and manufacturing jukeboxes for almost 100 years and is a leading digital jukebox company Coinslot NSM AMIin the United States. According to a company announcement, NSM’s acquisition will pave the way for exciting new products and services for its European customers, while maintaining NSM’s current and successful business model approach.

“The day-to-day operations of NSM Music Ltd. will not change,” said Martin Agabeg, NSM Music’s General Manager.

“We’ll continue to support all customers from our headquarters in Leeds, England, offering the same great products, music, quality of service, and business model framework that European customers value.”

Mike Maas, AMI Entertainment Network’s President said: “This is an exciting moment for both entertainment networks, AMI and NSM, two companies rich in innovation and tradition.”

Maas added, “And it’s an equally exciting time for European jukebox customers who will benefit from an increased investment in products and services. This acquisition makes NSM the leading force in the U.K. jukebox marketplace.”

Founded in 1901, AMI reaches millions of US consumers each month through an integrated entertainment platform that combines jukebox music, games, interactive television, and mobile. As a board member of the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association, AMI’s content delivery network enables elite brands to engage key consumer groups on a regional and national scale, while also empowering bars and restaurants to promote their own goods and services through on-demand digital signage capabilities.


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