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Jaybox confirms commiment to operator profits by absorbing new year costs

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A new year often means an increase in costs for operators, however, jukebox manufacturer Jaybox has absorbed an increase in licence fees and committed to its fixed-fee policy.

Jaybox has announced there will be no increase in fees this year as the company continues to follow its simple business model; provide the best machines with the best music catalogue so that operators can maximise profits.

Coinslot Jamie Barnett Jaybox

Jaybox’s Jamie Barnett

Jamie Barnett, head of sales, commented: “A good example of our ethos is that PPL are increasing the licence cost this year but we are absorbing that and not passing it on to our clients. We are conscious that we have to work with our clients to ensure we minimise their overheads to maximise profits and we are happy to incorporate that extra cost into our overheads and hold our music pricing stable. When you also consider that we offer a volume discount to customers reducing fixed music costs further it shows how we are keen to reward and benefit our clients and share in our mutual success.”

Indeed, while Jaybox works closely with operators, the company ensures a fixed-fee on its jukeboxes so that operators enjoy a share  percentage of their cashbox.

Graham Bolderson, managing director at Jaybox, explained: “At Jaybox we see ourselves working in partnership with the operators where their success is our success and we support their business

Coinslot Graham Bolderson Jaybox

Jaybox MD Graham Bolderson

through reliable high quality hardware combined with one of the best music catalogues in the business. We do not, however, penalise our clients for having successfully located Jayboxes in high revenue venues, we make our money from the music and believe if our clients have successful locations this will encourage them to work more closely with us.”

This sentiment is shared by James Halliday of Halliday leisure, who has been supplying amusements to Ayrshire, Scotland for over 25 years. He said: “We have 12 Jayboxes and they are the best performing jukebox at the moment. They are very reliable, and any spare parts I need the team are very easy to get hold of. Another important factor is that Jaybox don’t take a percentage cut out of the cash-box, which is something I really don’t agree with. If operators have a successful jukebox they should get to keep the earnings.”

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