Playdium penetration over 20% ahead of schedule

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TouchTunes’ Nick Hardy highlights how Playdium smart jukebox forecasts are ahead of pre-launch figures.

On the back of what he described as a ‘hugely positive and encouraging’ three days at EAG, Nick Hardy, newly appointed Commercial Director Europe at TouchTunes, has stated that based on post-show levels of operator commitment, sales of the Playdium smart jukebox are now 20% ahead of pre-launch forecasts. Hardy added this figure excludes any further commitment from nationwide operating partners.

“Going into the EAG, one of the key indicators we were looking for was an increase in commitment from those operators who had come on board with Playdium during the first quarter post launch,” stated Hardy. “Arguably the biggest positive from EAG was the number of those operators who wish to extend their level of commitment through the coming year. In terms of projected numbers out on site, Playdium is now well ahead of forecast.”

Hardy also believes Playdium has contributed to a shift in the jukebox narrative. He explained: “The improved income that’s being delivered by the Playdium is a major talking point and the feed back we are receiving is that venues are starting to take an interest in the jukebox, whereas before it was just part of the furniture. Strong performance figures are the backbone of the conversation and when operators also tell us that their site owners are calling them specifically to tell them how much their own customers love the product, we know that Playdium represents a potential game-changer.

“In terms of product features and sheer quality, Playdium is unbeatable. In simple terms it’s the next stage in the evolution of pay-to-play music delivery. Operators are learning this for themselves and their commitment is being rewarded with success. The market is telling us that Playdium is the only real option for serious jukebox operators.”

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