Amusement parks in Colombia receive more than 23 million visitors

Coinslot Colombia Park
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Colombia’s amusement parks have seen a 130 percent increase in visitor numbers, recent figures show.

While results from a  2012 study undertaken by the Colombian Association of Attractions and Amusement Parks (ACOLAP) showed that more than 5.4 million people visited an amusement park at least once a year, the recently published results of a 2015 study show this figure soared to over 23 million people in during the intervening three years.

“The number of inhabitants that Colombia has and the situation of neighboring countries creates a great opportunity for this industry to be more visible and to make better marketing so that more tourists visit these spaces and know us,” said Ángela Díaz, director of ACOLAP.

Díaz noted that the industry is “very sensitive” and is vulnerable to a variety of factors including economic fluctuations and a changeable climate.

“While there is no official figure for how much this business is growing, 70 percent of the companies affiliated with the trade organisation generate sales between £4 to £12m each,” she added.

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