Updates announced for MIM and VHub in 2017

Coinslot VHUB Simon Davis Soundnet
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Soundnet used its appearance at EAG to announce the launch of a series of new improvements to the MIM and VHub jukeboxes. Updates will soon be available as a USB memory stick, which  will enable operators to add multiple updates together making any catch up much quicker onsite or back at the office for stock items.

Soundnet will also be introducing new MIM programmes for Pop and Rock bringing more focus to the music on the jukebox. Soundnet have also announced that requests of less than 100 tracks for any Venue Favourite will be completed and sent out to the operator in less than 24 hours which makes this the best offline service in the market. Later in the year Soundnet will also be updating the background music service on all of the Sound Leisure jukeboxes making it easier to use and introducing scheduling into the mix so you can change the mood in the pub as the day becomes night.

Soundnet Director, Simon Davis, said: “The MIM and VHub represent two of the most successful and well loved jukeboxes of recent times and we intend to make improvement every year going forward. We suggest to operators that these beloved jukeboxes are used in their offline estate as they replace top end sites with Playdium jukeboxes. Finally if operators opt to go down the conversion route, they will lose the very features and attributes that made them so successful in the first place. There’s no turning back once a conversion has taken place, it’s a once and for all decision which also means the loss of technical support for every component in the jukebox. Clearly, any decision of such magnitude cannot be taken lightly.”

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