Electrocoin unveil new year’s resolutions

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Kevin Weir talks to Coinslot about the areas which Electrocoin – where he serves as business development director – are targeting in 2017, providing a clue into the sectors most likely to grow in the year ahead.

Coinslot: Where do you see potential to expand in 2017?

Kevin Weir: We have three areas of concentration in the next 12 months. Firstly, we believe that the redemption side of the market will continue to grow. We are investing in new products within this sector as well as continuing to Coinslot Electrocoin Kevin Weirexpand our market share of the ticket eater market with Elmac’s range of products which have built a reputation as being the best in the business.

In addition, we will see growth in the demand for cashless systems. Our Intercard cashless products and software package is being rolled out across many coastal venues already in preparation for the next holiday season.

The third area of growth for us will be from digital Cat C AWPs. We have been developing our software over a number of years and the latest package, Monte Carlo, has been undergoing extensive operator testing and has produced excellent results. The pressure from operators is increasing as they see this as a tremendous opportunity. As a result packaged our software into a brand new cabinet launched at EAG 2017


CS: What kind of games appeal most to your audience and how do you tailor your offering to appeal to them?

KW: The imported redemption games are obviously not our design, but we do work closely with the manufacturers to make changes that will suit the UK market best.

With regard to the Cat C digital products, we have an extensive menu system that offers customers the ability to adjust the settings to suit their outlet. There are different profiles for different sectors of the market. Operators know their customers better than we do, so we give them the ability to set the games up for their own clientele.

CS: Do you think the pub market will continue to move towards digital machines in 2017?

KW: From the results that we have seen over the past three years, the customer acceptance of digital products has grown tremendously. We don’t see this trend reversing, it’s just a matter of how fast it will grow. We believe that online gaming has been a major influence and once again, this will also have an ongoing knock on effect as this becomes more widely played

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