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SuzoHapp has vast experience in supporting clients when new coins and banknotes are brought into circulation. In anticipation of the new arrivals for 2017, they have brought a variety of products to showcase at EAG and demonstrate how they will support customers through the changes in British currency.

SuzoHapp will be featuring an expansive range of products at this year’s EAG, notably the Scan Coin DTC9 which is the business solution for all requirements revolving around a heavy duty coin sorter. It is built in strong metal and can count up to 600 coins per minute and sort the coins into boxes, bags or coin tubes. Indeed, the Scan Coin DTC9 counts and sorts up to nine different coin denominations. It incorporates the latest technology and embodies extreme security and quality and unlike other Coin Counters on the market it also authenticates the coins. The Scan Coin DTC9 is available for different currencies including euro and pounds with a free upgrade to the new £1 Coin.

They will also be showcasing the exceptional structural strength, the reinforced closing mechanisms and the ccTalk protocol of the Dual Coin Pro change machine from Comestero changers. These features make Dual Coin Pro one of the most secure change machines on the market. The 32-bit CPU provides notable functions, such as importing/exporting configuration parameters, exporting accounting data and the useful function of machine cloning. Dual Coin Pro can be equipped with the NV9 USB banknote reader with built-in stacker to stack up to 600 banknotes.

SuzoHapp are also offering their Ideal solutions on a global scale. Ideal has just the one system for all business areas such as accounts, cash control, retail, bowling, snacks and arcades. It is card based with various card reading possibilities, and is very customer and operator friendly. The customer can pay to play amusement & redemption games, access rides & attractions or even purchase food & beverage with the card anywhere in the location. Furthermore the card can be dispensed and/or recharged on the self-serve kiosk or from a POS Terminal.

Finally, SuzoHapp will also be showing their Scan Coin SC8220, which offers a world of benefits as a compact multi-currency banknote counter. It comes with approximately 20 currencies pre-installed – the required currencies can be easily set by the distributor and end user. Updates are simple via the front-load SD card. It can count a number of chosen currencies or just the first currency according to the first note entered. Other benefits include UV LED for higher accuracy and minimal effort when detecting bad and counterfeit notes. The SC8220 also has serial number recognition which is an increasing requirement on the market today. For easy back office integration the SC 8220 is provided with its own protocol. All transactions can be seen and managed using the free software.

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