Growth on the horizon in 2017 for Direct Leisure

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Direct Leisure predicts that sales in the redemption market will experience continuing growth in all family entertainment centres. As such, the company is adding to its vast gaming stock in anticipation for another strong year. And lending a hand will be none other than Scooby Doo, who will be pushing the cause forward.

With over 30 years’ experience in the amusement entertainment industry, Direct Leisure UK provides expertise, distribution and individual sales service worldwide. They are amongst the leading distributors of gaming and family entertainment equipment, with a well established network of customers throughout the country that grows year by year.

Following on from the success of 2016, Direct Leisure anticipates another record-breaking year for the company as it expands its exclusive product range even further within the ticket redemption market, which has now firmly established itself as the future for the family entertainment sector.

As Direct Leisure shares the joint exclusive Scooby Doo pusher range manufactured by Harry Levy, it has also added two further exclusive ticket roll downs being Viva Las Vegas and Count Dracula, following the huge success of the Temple of Ticket Roll down last year.

Speaking for Direct Leisure, Alfred Katz said: “The sales and redemption market has seen a marked growth in all the family entertainment centres, which has been a novelty to the seaside where we mostly supply. It will continue to grow further still in the upcoming year.”

In addition Direct Leisure will be exclusively handling the Magnificent 7 Cat D £5 jackpot 3 player fruit machine manufactured by Euroteck, which has already received huge acclaim and expected to be one of the biggest success stories for 2017.

Whilst still working closely with their customers and manufacturers to ensure continued success within the cash box, the outlook for this year within the FEC sector remains at an all time high.

“The EAG provides an exciting platform for the entire industry to come together on both a social and business level for three days making this show one of the highlights of the year,” Katz concluded.

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