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New currency is set to make big changes in the industry, and Tony Glanville from RLMS ponders on what other changes should come about.

In an age focussing increasingly on technological advances, it may be time for the games in pubs to move their products away from analogue machines and more towards digital machines.

Tony Glanville, managing director at RLMS Sales, explained the thinking behind his action plan. “There is a market desire to move towards digital,” he explained. “And that has been the case for a long time, particularly from operators as there are a number of operational benefits to digital platforms.”

Glanville is a shrewd cookie with a long track record in the market.  This is not, he recognises, a clear cut case though. “The rate of progress of digital in the pub sector will be dictated by the player. If the content available on digital platforms is more appealing and the cash box is stronger than its analogue cousins, then supply will be quickened.”

But the market is easily capable of handling these issues Glanville believes. “Presently on all the test data we analyse there is still a significant following for analogue product. The pub market is diverse with a large range of styles and brands and as a result there is not a “one size fits all” solution. Therefore we see digital and analogue co existing for the foreseeable future.”

Although pubs are not exactly low on people willing to play games on the machines, it could be argued that upgrading to digital machines could attract a younger audience of machine player, who could in turn keep the industry alive and thriving.

“It is for the industry’s creative talent to stay abreast of the younger generation’s key trends and develop product that reflects those trends that young people can identify with,” said Glanville. “Also it is important to look at licences that can be added to games that younger players recognise to give the machine that all important “walk up” factor.”

RLMS Sales, not surprisingly, has a very strong new line-up for 2017 from leading manufacturers, including Astra Games’ new Cat C ‘Batman Begins’ three-player reel, which has already created a lot of buzz within the industry.

“Apart from that the key is to be able to offer alternative payment methods than cash. The youth of today are being raised during a time where cash is becoming a thing of the past and no longer do you have to fret about getting to the cash point before a night out. All you need is your one piece of plastic and you are away! As an industry we need a solution to the reduction of cash in circulation and fast!”

This is a year of change, and Glanville and colleagues are clearly up for the fight.

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