Alfred Katz – Redemption vs Fruit Machines

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Alfred Katz, director at Direct Leisure, reflects on the sectors which have experienced growth and offers his view on where investments should be made.

Direct Leisure has seen a marked growth in the redemption ticket market this past year so director, Alfred Katz, has every reason to applaud his company’s decision to invest in more of these machines.Coinslot Fishbowl Frenzy Direct Lesiure Alfred Katz

Katz believes the redemption market has been successful because, thanks to supermarkets, people are used to a rewards system.

“The amusement sector has grown because people are going away with vouchers and then buy something in the arcade’s redemption shops or collecting and saving their tickets.

“I think that the whole nature of the public now is getting something, in their conceived eyes, for free.”

It would seem that the popularity of the redemption machines comes at a cost to’ fruit’ machines; the argument being customers would much prefer to walk away with something  than gamble and walk away with nothing. But Katz firmly believes that the fruit machine market can still make a comeback.

“There has been a decline but the manufacturers and amusement centres haven’t reinvested. Fruit machines, yesterday’s area of earnings, have gradually been reduced because there has been too much competition from neighbouring arcades.”

If manufacturers experiment with machine designs next year, Katz is certain that the industry will adjust their goals to match the areas of growth.

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