Powered by play – World of Rides unveil their all new range at EAG

Coinslot World of Rides
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For over 46 years, World of Rides has provided fun and excitement for young children and their families. At EAG 2017 they will unveil their all new range of budget-priced, battery-powered kids’ rides.

Children aged three to twelve continue to remain the biggest single influence in choosing a family day-out leisure destination, and battery rides remain the single most popular pay-to-play children’s rides in any leisure destination, as they are free of any pollutants, are hugely profitable, and can also be easily operated either indoors or outdoors, to beat any cold or wet weather, or to take advantage of any hot or sunny weather!

With the UK’s longest established and largest range of battery operated Driving School Cars, with all the fully operational controls normally found in real cars, including a reverse gear, Go-Karts, Formula One & Le Mans Racing Cars, MotoGP Racing Bikes, Bumper Boats and Bumper Cars, there is now a ride available to fit every location from the UK market leaders, World of Rides.

However, for all those holiday park and FEC operators who previously never had enough room available to build a full-size Go-Kart track, or for all those who already have one but desperately want something new and additional for their guests and visitors to enjoy, then their new child-only Baby Beetle Cars and Baby Bumper Boats have been especially developed for them, as up to four or five vehicles or boats only require a track or pool size starting from only 4.5m x 4.5m (15ft x 15ft).

Their twin seat ‘Parent & Child’ or two children Future Bike will also really appeal to all the budding young Super Heroes, and ensure that they return many times over to enjoy a ride into their world of fantasy!

Due to the introduction of the new £1 coin, many of the leading UK leisure operators are already asking World of Rides to fit token-mechanisms to all their new ride orders for this year, to both overcome the problems that will occur during the changeover period, and also to allow them to make incremental price increases at any time in the future, such as to £1.25, £1.50 and £1.75 per ride.

This means that the introduction of the new £1.00 coin has given operators the opportunity to increase their all-year-round incomes very substantially, whilst still allowing their younger guests and visitors to do what they have always enjoyed doing best of all; just having fun.


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