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Crane Payment Innovations offers a wide range of coin cash acceptors for optimum management, no matter the application. Featuring all the recognised brands, CPI will be covering the full range of cash management needs.

Having options is always important – especially when it comes to payment systems. The diverse needs of the amusement industry make it impossible for one product to optimise cash management in every application. Now, operators can maximise their profitability, and deliver a superior customer experience, by choosing from the most comprehensive portfolio of payment systems in gaming.

The Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) product portfolio spans coins and notes – with hoppers, changers, acceptors and recyclers – from a number of widely recognised brands, including CashCode, MEI, Money Controls and NRI. As a result, operators have the convenience and flexibility to choose a best fit solution based on note/coin volume, stakes/prizes and the preferred cash management process.

The CPI range of coin acceptors offers the best acceptance rate, most secure fraud defence technology and lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Designed for maximum uptime, they offer easy maintenance and fast firmware upgrades.

CPI also offers an assortment of coin hoppers – each with a different footprint, capacity and payout rate – to suit individual application requirements.

Due to the high value of coins in certain countries, it is becoming common to see games equipped with both coin and note acceptors, making CPI a particularly attractive choice for OEMs and operators who seek to simplify their sourcing strategy and obtain a complete solution from a single vendor.  In addition to its many coin products, CPI also offers a wide range of note products, including the MEI SC Advance note acceptor and the new MEI SCR Advance note recycler.

SC Advance is part of the reliable SC family of note acceptors, of which more than 2 million units have sold worldwide. Its capacity to support so many different applications is compounded by a portfolio of modular expansions – including the EASITRAX Soft Count cash management system and a variety of cashbox sizes – that provide added value and versatility to operators.

Finally, after revolutionising efficiency in bill breaker and redemption terminals with the 4-denomination BNR, CPI has released the new 2-denomination SCR Advance note recycler.  SCR Advance is an evolution from the original SCR note recycler.  In addition to offering the same exceptional acceptance and security as the legacy unit, it incorporates new technology to provide the lowest jam rate in the industry – resulting in longer machine uptime, fewer costly service calls, happier players and greater operator profitability.

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