Crowning glory – Crown Direct head to EAG with proven gaming portfolio

Coinslot Crown Direct
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The Crown stand at this year’s EAG will be as bright and buzzing as ever. Now over a year since the tie-up with Harry Levy and with a proven gaming portfolio already in the field, London will provide a fitting launchpad for the year.

As ever Crown Direct will be heading to EAG with an array of machines that run the gamut of different amusement sectors.

For anyone looking to source the latest and greatest in the world of pushers, Crown Direct has a direct line to some of the best machines on the market. These include some of the newest machines from Harry Levy and other manufacturers in both the licensed and un-licensed fields.

Running with a definite confectionary theme, both Sweet Falls and Ice Cream are available in six and eight player configurations respectively from Crown’s parent company. The fast-feed powered machines are ideal for the summer season at the seaside, when sweets and cones are a staple of the family outing experience.

On the licensed front, Crown are offering machines from both The Simpsons and Tom & Jerry, from two of the world’s most famous animated series. Experience has show that coin pushers featuring popular characters perform excellently in almost any arcade, and more well known the brand, the more likely it is to attract in kids and parents alike.

On the gaming side, the well known distributors are expected to feature digital machines from their tie-up with SG Gaming. These will be joined by sleek modern products from a range of manufacturers designed to offer maximum choice to operators in the AGC market.

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