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Bacta has high hopes for EAG Expo showpiece

January 10, 2017
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Visitors to EAG will be able to draw on the knowledge and insight of the bacta team


Visitors to EAG will be able to participate in the free seminar programme which is being curated by bacta, meet with representatives of the entire bacta team including National President, Jason Frost, CEO, John White and Head of Compliance, Phil Silver as well as take advantage of the 10 percent membership discount which is running throughout the duration of the UK showpiece exhibition.

Explaining the importance of EAG to the industry, CEO, John White, said: “Exhibitions such as EAG serve as a focal point for the industry, a shop window for new product and an arena in which the big issues of the day can be debated and resolved. Bacta will have a strong presence at EAG with a centrepiece lounge for the use of members and their guests, we are helping to put on two educational seminars, one focussing on the rules and regulations on playing or using recorded music or videos in public places and the second providing an update on the use of cashless systems in family entertainment centres.”

Bacta will also be staging a VIP Lunch hosted by National President, Jason Frost and EAG Chairman, Martin Burlin.
The lunch will involve over 40 guests including regulators, members of parliament, local authority and tourism representatives as well as guests from the Gambling Commission. Outlining the importance of the VIP Lunch, John White, said: “EAG provides us with an opportunity to bring all sectors of the industry together under one roof. It’s important that our external stakeholders recognise the breadth of this industry and the fantastic contributions it makes to regional economies and employment prospects throughout the country. It’s a much more compelling story and opportunity to be able to lobby and explain against the backdrop of EAG.”

He added; “A personal highlight is the chance that EAG provides to be able to meet with so many bacta members, discuss the topics which are impacting their business and outline the bacta thinking and strategy on key issues.

Clearly, the Triennial Review will be one of the most important issues for debate but I am also looking forward to canvassing the views of members active in all product sectors as well as operators working both at the coast and at inland venues.”

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