Project open 2017 with launch of multi-stake Mega Bars Big Cash

Coinslot project mega bars big cash2
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Project has made a bold opening to 2017 with the launch of Mega Bars Big Cash, a high definition 23 inch screen, multi-stake, TITO and smart card enabled version of a popular and proven game.

Targeted at Mega Bars’ older female core demographic, the game features a £1.50 stake option – in addition to £1 and £2 options – a development which Project managing director, Tony Boulton, believes suits the dynamics of the market.

He explained: “We believe the jump from £1 to £2 for the target customer is too big and a mid position allows the Coinslot project mega bars big cashplayer to stake up without the need to go to the full £2 commitment. The national average of around £1.20 confirms that there is a need for a stake between the two levels which are on general offer. The new £1.50 price point represents a strategic opportunity for operators to optimise play and in turn, maximise their machine income.”

He added: “There’s a debate within the industry surrounding compendium machines and whether the degree of game choice that is being offered is serving to confuse the customer and as a consequence inhibit play. Our approach to this important issue is to promote a single and proven game, whilst also including the safety net of dormant games which operators can choose to deploy as and when they want. I believe this is a strategic solution to the issue of game choice and provides operators with the flexibility they need in a modern and fast moving retail environment.”

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