Bingo undergoes contemporary makeover thanks to Mecca

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Mecca Bingo has taken an imaginative step to bring bingo bang up to date introducing a raft of clever and humorous calls

Mecca Bingo is trialling a new lexicon of bingo calls.  The UK bingo giant has replaced prosaic names such as ‘half a dozen’ for the number 6 with the more contemporary ‘ Little Mix’.  Other examples include ’ Tinder Date’ for number 8,  replacing Garden Gate.

With bingo growing in popularity with a younger demographic, the overhaul is in-keeping with contemporary culture as Mecca spokesperson, Caroline Webb, confirmed: “We wanted to tap into the resurgence of interest in the game, and what better way than by refreshing one of the most iconic things about bingo – its calls for the numbers!  Bingo calls are rarely used in Britain’s bingo halls these days, so the trial of 21 century inspired calls is sure to ignite excitement amongst regular players.  Likewise, the references to modern culture phenomena and trends, such as hipsters and Tinder, and massive stars, like Adele and Little Mix is likely to appeal to the increasingly younger crowd which can be found playing bingo.”

Mecca’s new bingo calls are as follows: Selfie Queen – 17 (previously Dancing Queen); Tag A Mate – 48 (previously Four Dozen); Netflix & Chill – 69 (previously Anyway Up); Dabbing machine – 15 (previously Young and Keen); Hipster Heaven – 27 (previously Duck and a Crutch); Lads on tour – 24 (previously Knock at the Door); Adele – 25 (previously Duck and Dive) and YOLO – 1 (previously Kelly’s Eye).

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