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With the Bank of England halfway through the proposed currency changes, Maggi Electronics is now preparing operators for the new £10 and £20 polymer banknotes.

Machine components and cash handling specialist Maggi Electronics has made an early preparation in gearing up for the currency changes. The company has been monitoring the currency changes which began with the introduction of the new £5 banknote and is now preparing for the forthcoming £10 featuring Jane Austin due to be released Summer 2017, and then the £20 to follow in 2020 featuring JMW Turner. Maggi Electronics are now offering updates and upgrades for a wide range of note validators, including Innovative, JCM, Money Controls and Astro Systems products.

With the Royal Mint’s announcement of the new £1 coin for March 2017, this significant change could potentially cause a lot of upheaval to the pay-to-play sector. Time is of the essence for those in need of calibration of the new £1 coin and The Royal Mint warns retailers to adapt their equipment to avoid chaos when the coin is introduced.

Joe Pritchard, managing director at Maggi Electronics, commented on the change: “We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are here to help provide the most cost effective solution for your business. With these fast moving technological advances, preparing for these currency changes is paramount.”

Maggi Electronics supply the NRI v2 Eagle coin validator with improved validation technology in a 5″ format, which the company believe is setting standards within the payment systems industry. Incorporating the unique MFT (Multi Frequency Technology) validation technology and additional coin sorter control sensors, coin security against counterfeit currency is guaranteed.

The company also provide an alternative to TITO machines. Whilst acknowledging TITO’s advantages in terms of reducing cash handling, eliminating expensive machine floats and arguably offering a safer refined way to play, Maggi Electronics has noticed specific sectors within the gaming and amusement industry, such as single site operators, have found TITO machines have proven to be non-customer friendly, removing the speed and flexibility cash handling offers. For those who prefer the more traditional method, the company provides an upgrade pathway for calibration of note acceptors for the new polymer banknotes.

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