Teignmouth pier reinforced to prevent repeat of arcade damage

Coinslot Teignmouth Pier
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After suffering serious water damage in 2014, work has been completed on baffles to protect Teignmouth Pier from any future storms.

Teignmouth’s Grand Pier is being reinforced with armoured steel to make sure it never suffers the same damage it did during the storms of 2014.

In February of that year, huge waves tore through the wooden floor of the 150-year-old pier’s amusement arcade and threw its coin-op machines around the interior.

The storm caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage and left the pier shut to the public for seven months.

Owners the Brenner family are now installing 12 steel baffles weighing 14.5 tonnes under the decking to protect the pier in the event of any similar strength storm, with the work due to be completed this week.

A baffle is large steel frame fitted with v-shaped points inside, helping it to dissipate the force of a wave by sending the water outwards into the air and deflecting it away from the pier.

Lucie Cooper, director of Teignmouth Pier, told the Torquay Herald Express: “We decided after the storms of 2014 to come up with a solution to the weak points of the pier to make sure that the damage never happens again.

“These baffles should dissipate the water around and stop it damaging the pier.

“It is a pre-emptive move rather than a reactive move, as it only takes one breach, so should there be another storm, the pier would be protected.”

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