Sound Leisure’s Vinyl Rocket enters production

Coinslot Sound Leisure vinyl rocket jukebox
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Having announced earlier last year that it had begun work on an innovative new vinyl jukebox, manufacturer Sound Leisure has confirmed that the first models of the Vinyl Rocket went into production last month.

Believed to be the world’s only vinyl-playing jukebox, the machine harks back to the long history of Sound Leisure’s family business and their success in producing machines with a classic design.Coinslot Sound Leisure vinyl rocket jukebox

The coin-op industry got an early look at the machine at this year’s EAG and with the final models now beginning to roll of the production line, it’s expected that the retail version will be on the stand in January next year.

“Already, before we have really started marketing the vinyl jukeboxes, we have a six month waiting list and we expect the revenue from our classic jukeboxes to generate around £2m of revenue within the next 18 months,” managing director, Chris Black, told regional business publication, BDaily. “It’s fantastic not only for Yorkshire, creating additional jobs here and helping to build the region’s worldwide reputation for craftsmanship, but also for our many suppliers as, wherever possible, we try to source components from other local businesses.”

Black also touched on the company’s tie-up with American jukebox giants TouchTunes, parent company of its long-time partner, Soundnet. “This partnership is of huge strategic importance for Sound Leisure,” he said, “not only is it expected to generate a significant increase in sales for the company’s commercial jukebox division, it will also allow Sound Leisure to develop markets at home and overseas.”

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