Project adds to R&D resource in preparation for 2017

Coinslot Project
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Project has confirmed it will be planning ahead by focusing additional resources on its R&D team going forward into 2017.

Project has set out its stall for 2017, confirming that it has added more resource to the R&D team working out of its south London head office.

The news came in the week the industry completed its Triennial Review submissions to the Department of Culture Media and Sport, a point not lost on Project Managing Director, Tony Boulton.

He told Coinslot: “Whilst we cannot crystal ball the outcome of the Triennial, it’s important that we plan ahead and certainly part of our scenario planning takes into account the possibility of a positive announcement and the additional demands that would place on the business.”

He added: “Identifying and recruiting the right calibre creative staff isn’t necessarily straightforward and it’s important to ensure the resource is in place and ready for the challenges that lie ahead in 2017 of which the Triennial is just one.”

He added: “We are operating in a segmented market where one size does not fit all. For example, in B3 we have both simple and feature rich games, Cat C  comprises slots and poker and we now see opportunities in Cat C Lite which is developing as a replacement genre for 10p/£5 games. To address these sectors and deliver games which meet the specific needs of players, requires teams of dedicated games developers.”

The repositioning of gaming to entertainment, a strategic shift proposed by Tony Boulton in October as a method of changing the narrative surrounding the business, also places greater demands,  he explained: “Games where the emphasis is more on entertainment are like small stories rather than a set of algorithms.  The graphics have to be sharper and enhanced and there are more features to incorporate. Feature rich games are more complex to produce and consequently require more resource, a fact that we are responding to.”

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