Poker points the way to AGC profits, states Glanville

Coinslot Tony Glanville RLMS
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A solid poker area is becoming a must for all Adult Gaming Centres wishing to drive income, according to Tony Glanville, managing director at RLMS Sales. Glanville’s comments come in the wake of sustained demand for Free Hands Poker, the latest in the Project portfolio of poker themed games.

Reflecting on the poker genre and the way in which operators can benefit from its popularity, Tony Glanville said: “Our first and second batches of Free Hands Poker are now out and performing extremely well. We are finding that customers are replacing their older pokers, some of which date back a decade, with new products and seeing strong income benefits as a consequence.”

He added: “Poker represents a differentiated income stream, which means that the revenue it attracts is new to a business and not derived as a result of cannibalisation or the substitution of existing spend. Free Hands poker is looking like a great sister machine to Jacks or Better and I think everything is in place for it to be one of the stand out games of 2017.”

Free Hands poker capitalises on the popularity amongst players of games within games by offering losing hands, ten, free, quick fire hands on a random basis. Once the hands have been played  wins are accumulated, enabling the player to gamble to a jackpot value which is dependent on the stake. Project’s in depth knowledge of the motivations of poker players has identified the importance they place on decision making and being involved in the game play.


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