Gambling Commission included under “snoopers” umbrella

Coinslot Gambling Commission
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The Government’s introduction of controversial new privacy laws, known pejoratively as the “snooper’s charter”, has some unexpected ramifications for the gambling industry.

Among the 48-strong list of agencies which now theoretically have complete access to the internet history data of regular citizens is the Gambling Commission.

The new law, dubbed the Investigatory Powers Bill, requires telecoms companies to retain records of all users’ web activity for 12 months. Over the next year internet service providers will begin to build up these databases.

Agencies such as the Gambling Commission will not need a warrant to access this personal information. However, not all internet companies will have to comply with these requirements. Although they are barred from divulging whether or not they are and the Government has said it will not reveal the list.

While its proponents argue that the ability to access this data is vital for national security, critics suggest that the wide ranging access from official bodies infringes privacy and the risk of hacking is too great.

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