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A pair of new devices from Scan Coin and SuzoHapp seek to guarantee reliability and quality for anyone in need of high quality cash handling.

Scan Coin is a SuzoHapp company and provides proven reliability and quality in the market for coin and note counters/sorters.

The Scan Coin DTC9 is a heavy-duty coin sorter that counts and sorts up to nine different coin denominations at a rate of up to 600 coins per minute. It automatically rejects foreign and/or damaged coins. Furthermore, the DTC9 includes a touchscreen display and a keyboard for easy access. There are several sorting options as the coin sorter can be equipped with bag holders as well as coin tube holders.

The Scan Coin DTC9 is reliable and versatile. Its quality has been proven in a wide range of applications, including banks, supermarkets and retail stores. It is ideal for areas where cash is being handled – such as at arcades and casinos.

The currency solution also boasts hardware ports for computer and SoftOne interface, for optimal connectivity – enabling a high level of financial control and report generation. The Scan Coin DTC9 maximises efficiency, providing accuracy at the same time. The Scan Coin DTC9 is available for different currencies including Euro and pound with a free upgrade to the new £1 coin next year.

The Scan Coin SC8220 offers a world of benefits as a compact multi-currency banknote counter. It comes with approximately 20 currencies pre-installed – the required currencies can be easily set by the distributor and end user. Updates are simple via the front-loaded SD card. It can count a number of chosen currencies or just the first currency according to the first note entered. Other benefits include UV LED for higher accuracy and minimal effort when detecting bad and counterfeits notes.

The SC8220 also has serial number recognition which is an increasing requirement on the market today. For easy back-office integration the SC 8220 comes equipped with its own protocol. All transactions can be seen and managed using the free software. The device also features with a partial integration of the protocol from SC 8200 to simplify the transition from SC8220 to the new, smarter, SC8220.

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