Gurus reveal spares and components wisdom

Coinslot Maggi Electronics Stephanie Smith
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Maggi Electronic’s marketing co-ordinator, Stephanie Smith, delves into the services offered by her company and the ethos behind its commitment to spares and components.


Coinslot: How does Maggi ensure that it has a good supply of spares and components available on demand?

Stephanie Smith: Our workshop manager David Kay, methodically maintains and manages a minimum working stock level to ensure our customers have all the spares and components they may need. Our Sales and Logistics teams are always looking to purchase untestedCoinslot Maggi Stephanie Smith stock from our wide pool of suppliers.

We constantly prepare working stock for our ever popular Advance Replace Service and also offer a range of Brand New Products off the shelf, alongside our Conversion Kits.


CS: What aftersale service and support does Maggi offer for customers who have bought spares?

SS: With a combined 200 years of technical experience in the repair, service and supply of electronic products, our customers can be assured knowing only the highest quality will be consistently delivered throughout our select range of refurbished products.

Brand new products come with a full one-year warranty, alongside our unique and competitive, 100-day warranty on repairs and advance replacements. Our 15 technical gurus have been trained to the highest level, with a wide knowledge range of all our products, they are on hand to assist with simple or complex technical queries.


CS: With the upcoming currency changes, how can Maggi help operators with the necessary upheaval?

SS: We are giving operators numerous options during this transition. We have been developing various conversion kits for a range of note validators and aim to provide our customers with the relevant service they desire for the new £1 upgrade and forthcoming polymer bank notes.

Out services include Advance Replacement, Workshop Upgrades, Brand New Product, Replacement and In-house Delivery.

Our flexibility is key here! We continue to follow our customer led philosophy. We have found networking with our customers, to gain beneficial insight into how to simplify their upgrade journey has been paramount in preparing the for the new 2017 £1 Coin.

With Christmas around the corner, March 2017 will soon be upon us, as will Autumn 2017. The end of the co-circulation period and demonetisation of the round £1 coin begins. Our ongoing discussions with The Royal Mint ensure we have the most up to date information, and can hit the ground running ahead of the launch.

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