TouchTunes invest 20% of resources on innovation, confirms CEO

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CEO of TouchTunes, Charles Goldstuck, discusses the importance of innovation, the groundbreaking Playdium jukebox and the company’s new initiatives.

Charles Goldstuck, former President and Chief Operating Officer of the Bertelsmann Music Group (U.S.), a division of Sony Music Entertainment and currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TouchTunes Interactive Networks, the world’s largest out of home interactive digital entertainment network, has underlined the importance of innovation and creativity in the development of pay-to-play, in venue music technology.

Speaking following the launch of TouchTunes, ground breaking, Playdium jukebox in the UK, he confirmed: “Innovation and creativity are among our core values at TouchTunes and continuously improving our products and services is a major focus for the company.

“Whether it’s large initiatives such as completely revamping our mobile app (for the 3rd time since we launced it 5+ years ago.) to ensure that it remains at the forefront of app design, introducing new operating systems to take advantage of cloud based coverage and other efficiency opportunities or ongoing changes to improve the user experience, such as making the tiles in the (Playdium) carousel on the home page rotate periodically to help attract attention to the jukebox. As a company we are very focused on identifying and delivering an ongoing programme of R&D. It has been part of our DNA.

“In terms of scale, in North America, we operate from four offices, New York, Chicago, Montreal and Vancouver. Our Montreal office is dedicated to housing all of our development team’s activities. Regarding the scope of our R&D investment levels, each year we typically spend 20% of our resources on developments.”

For the full interview with Charles Goldstuck, click here.

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