Llandudno Pier owner “flabbergasted” at 
Pavilion plans

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With the first images of the planned Llandudno Pier Pavilion made public, Pier owner Adam Williams has expressed his concerns about the site’s modern look.

Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams has said he is “flabbergasted” following the release of the first images of the planned Llandudno Pier Pavilion development. His comments come in a warning that if the modern approach to the Pavilion damages the Pier’s income he could be forced to charge an entry fee to make the attraction viable.

Sitting unoccupied for over two decades, the site of the Pavilion was bought by Alan Waldron in early 2016, who said at the time it would take a £15m investment to realise his vision in the area, however this vision is not shared by Waldron’s neighbour on the pier.2498-amusements-adamwilliams

Williams said: “We pride ourselves on this bay, it is a one off and this would be an eyesore that would dwarf the Grand Hotel. We can’t lose an attraction like the old pavilion and replace it with residential. There is a risk with residential and the impact this could have on the activities we do. There could be objections to the noise of the arcades or other activities. Then there is the commercial aspect to the proposal, which again could take away income from the pier. If this affects the income we can earn, we have to look at alternative incomes, we would have to consider charging to come on the pier. We are a business and we have to generate income or the pier will fall into disrepair and staff will not get paid. When we bought this pier we saw it as something that would be part of our family forever, we have had two good summers and invested, but now we have to hold off investment because of the uncertainty about what could happen at the Pier Pavilion.”

At first Waldron was aiming for a mix of old and new when planning the new Pavilion, however he settled on a more modern look that uses copper on the inside and outside of the building to reflect the local copper mining tradition. This, though, has not been enough to satisfy Williams or indeed local residents, who have been a little less polite about the plans in their criticisms on social media.

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