Concept goes environmental at the seaside with 1 Big Ticket

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Leeds based Concept Games has been designing 1 Big Ticket for seaside operators this summer, cutting out laborious ticket counting whilst also tackling a major environmental issue.

Concept’s David Garforth explains: “I have always wanted to see if the next generation of prizes for playing could not be dealt with in a more environmentally friendly manner whilst retaining the commercial appeal. This summer Coinslot Concept Games 1 Big Ticketseems to have shown us that the gap between common sense, cheaper operating of tickets and player appeal is not as wide as we thought it may be. Concept’s 1 Big Ticket add on for any redemption machine has shown very encouraging results in several locations this summer with no apparent loss if appeal or takes.”

The company’s 1 Big Ticket device fits to any existing type of redemption machine and replaces the thousands of tickets during a session of play with one thermally printed ticket for the whole amount. This ticket then bypasses the ticket munchers and is redeemed at the prize shop in the location.This negates the purchase of millions of tickets, munchers and maintenance, as well as hours of man time filling up empty machines. 1 Big Ticket also gives a much longer distance in time between fill-ups, with one 80m long roll of paper lasting weeks and costing only £1.60 per roll.

“We all know about the theatre of seeing and winning those armfuls of tickets,” Garforth added, “but in test so far the players seem to have seen the common sense and kept playing.”

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