Juniper Research – VR technology could be a booming coin-op sector by 2021

Coinslot Virtual Reality Juniper Research
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A new report from Juniper Research suggests that Virtual Reality technology could be a booming sector in the coin-op industry before 2021.

Specialists in digital and gaming markets analysis, Juniper’s whitepaper covers all aspects of the global gaming market. Its central perspective on Virtual Reality is that the cost of products will come down considerably over the next five years – presenting a sweet spot for FECs, who will be able to afford them for some time before similar experiences will be available at home.

“For more immersive experiences the technology is going to be more expensive and a business could absorb that cost and offer quality VR, where as home gaming, while more affordable, won’t be able to offer as much,” said James Moar, author of the report.

He also expects developers to fuse with different technologies as VR naturally overlaps with the physical space: “We’re going to see a lot more collaborative co-op gaming, incorporating treadmills and things like this.”

“We are going to start seeing VR in a lot more arcades and theme parks and the cost shouldn’t be too high because people are already familiar with the concept from home gaming and probably won’t be willing to pay £60 or £70 a go,” he added.

He also predicts that as the technology and consumer familiarity with the product develops, attractions will be able to offer moving VR tours. “These are going to be short add-ons as part of larger events, we don’t foresee people immersed for hours and hours for quite a while.”

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