Go-Kart: good things fit in small spaces

Coinslot Neveplast Go Kart
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As the manufacturers of the Neveplast Go-Kart track celebrate a strong summer in global sales, the UK market gives its verdict on the product.

A new product that has been gaining commercial traction at both indoor and outdoor venues around the globe has also been finding a footing in the UK market this summer.

The Neveplast Go-Kart track was launched in UK in January at this year’s EAG, and is already available in several European markets. Its UK distributor, Bill Hammett of Leisure Engineering, showcased the product in the Excel Centre in January.

“Essentially it’s a Go-Kart that races along a material from dry ski slopes made by an Italian company, Neveplast,” Hammett explained. “By putting the two together you get a drift effect when the car goes round a corner, it’s new and we’ve had a lot of interest.”


“You have complete control on how it skids and kids work it out really quickly. We’ve had a lot of interest from some of the big players”


Neveplast tested the product at 60mph, but aimed to get the operation at slower speed so operators needed less space. The Go-Kart was then modified to enable the driver to turn off the motor on only one wheel as they turn a corner, putting the vehicle into drift around the bend. By simulating a high speed manoeuvre at slow speeds in a small area, Go-Karting becomes an applicable for a larger market of arcade owners with limited space.

“You have complete control on how it skids and kids work it out really quickly. We’ve had a lot of interest from some of the big players,” added Hammett.

With these changes, all operators need is 20 by 15 meters of floor space for optimum effects (operators would struggle to make tarmac Go-Karting enjoyable even with double this space). Owners also have the added advantage of laying different coloured strips of material for different effects.

Stanley Harris operator of Ocean Amusements, a fairground attraction along the promenade at Felixstowe, is one such happy customer. Harris invested in the Italian product in the spring, and over the summer it has become a centrepiece of his seaside offering.

“It’s a great product,” said Harris. “We opened it in May and it’s been very good. It’s proven to be one of the most popular we have, largely because people keep coming back to try and get the hang of drifting round the corners.”

Harris attended the European Attractions Show in Barcelona last week and was speaking to the manufacturer there about ways to enhance the space and increase customer engagement.

“We’re working out what we’re going to do with it now. But I think it’d be good to add some benches, some lighting and some signage. I think that way, by next season it’ll be doing even better.”

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