SB Machines delivers statement of intent to drive development of seaside market

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In an exclusive interview with Coinslot, Paolo Sidoli discusses the importance of industry exhibitions, the changing face of amusement arcades and the growth of the UK as an entertainment hub.

The UK’s seaside resorts have long been viewed as a nostalgia-tinged destination from days gone by but Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, believes this outlook is as outdated as ‘Kiss Me Quick ‘ hats.

Reviewing the UK seaside sector, Sidoli commented: “2016 has seen a robust season for the UK coastline with visitor numbers holding up despite varying weather. This is partly down to the continued heavy investment by operators, large and small alike but also as a country we are starting to appreciate our seaside resorts after undervaluing them for too long”.

SB Machines has been providing children’s rides to arcade operators for over 25 years and Sidoli discusses how small changes have been significant:“Recently, we have seen a growing trend of rides being placed inside arcades rather than outside and this is encouraging to see, because operators are attaching as much importance to our rides as they are to other amusement equipment such as pushers, cranes and large redemption games.

“The recognition of our rides has been gradual, as operators have become more scientific with product placement in their premises. They ensure that they offer only the best quality and latest equipment, and we as ride suppliers have to be right there at the forefront of innovation and show customers (operators and end-users alike) something that they have never seen before.  We hope to continue collaborating with operators keen to drive development in their arcades as we have found that our success is their success and vice versa.”

Coinslot SB Machines
Italresina’s ‘fully loaded’ firetruck roundabout

SB Machines is considered to be one of the leading suppliers of children’s rides in the UK and they will be launching a host of new exciting products for the 2017 season. This will start with their presence at the Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS) and then EAG in January.  Previewing their trips to London, Sidoli stated: “At ACOS and EAG we will be driving our statement of intent, that SB Machines is the premier supplier of children’s rides in the UK and Ireland.

“On the back of a pleasing 2016, we are ready to use ACOS as a launchpad for all our new equipment for the coming season with no fewer than nine new pieces being shown for the first time at both exhibitions. These will include two rides which have really caught the attention of customers this year: Italresina’s ‘fully loaded’ firetruck roundabout and Memopark’s 4 seater New Tagada. It goes without saying that all our new products are tried and tested so that we can confidently say that we have every type of ride to suit every type of location.

“Exhibitions like ACOS and EAG are critical to UK amusement industry. They provide a convivial environment outside the workplace to have discussions with key players and operators about our products and the challenges we may face in the future. We are in constant dialogue with operators and as a result our equipment is reflecting the desires and demands of the end-user in the UK’s amusement arcades”

The Porthcawl-based company is also keen to discuss why the UK is a great destination for the global amusement industry and how to ensure its continued success in the future.

Coinslot SB Machines
Memopark’s 4 seater New Tagada

Sidoli explains: “The Gambling Act, in general, provides a solid framework on which to conduct business.  In addition, BACTA, under the leadership of John White, provides a great voice and continues to work with the government to ensure that we can operate trouble free.  I have to say that BACTA now offers the moral credibility that we have been seeking so desperately and this has helped us enormously.

“The UK is a sophisticated leisure market that is growing and larger international companies are recognising this and are investing in our seaside arcades and holiday parks.  This can only be beneficial for our sector and everybody can share part of this growth.”

Sidoli concludes “At SB Machines, we want to continue showing our support the industry, the exhibitions, BACTA and most importantly our support to the UK leisure destinations. The UK seaside is a fantastic place to visit and we want to play a part in enhancing that visitor experience”.


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