Eurocoin Systems at ACOS: Joined-up solutions for UK operators

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Nick Veitch, managing director of the Eurocoin Group, introduces the company’s new division Eurocoin Systems, which develops, installs and supports the main networked payment & management solutions for UK operators.

Coinslot: What Eurocoin System developments are currently proving popular with operators?

Nick Veitch: Successful payment systems are all about accuracy and flexibility. Our backbone product is the Playsafe Quantum machine management system, which is installed across hundreds of UK gaming venues, providing real-time accounting information to business owners and operators. The latest version of Quantum has added significant new benefits, including further integration with the Ticket2Go TITO system. Operators can now run helpful end-of-day reports on TITO tickets issued, but not yet cashed in, for example. Support for new coin, note and ticket counting equipment has been added, so that the daily soft- and hard-count cash processing is reported automatically into the Quantum system. Of great significance is that machine hand-pays & jackpots recorded in Quantum may now be cleared and paid by a Thomas PayStation on the venue’s network – a really secure and cost-effective improvement for UK operators.

CS: What is the latest situation with TITO in the UK?

Coinslot Nick Veitch Eurocoin GroupNV: TITO is a major part of Eurocoin sales activities and is already demonstrating its attraction to players and operators alike in the UK. More than 3,000 machines in 200+ sites are already paying out tickets rather than coins & we foresee considerable growth for the system here in 2017. The elimination of machine coin payouts and the automation of hand-pays & jackpots has already been a fact of life for more than a decade amongst gaming operators worldwide. The TITO ticket has found an appreciative audience amongst machine players, who like the privacy and flexibility of ticket-based payouts. They are quick to adapt to TITO and show few signs of regretting the absence of coin cups and noisy machine payouts. TITO therefore is helping build trust in cashless payout systems plus reducing costs and improving security for gaming operators.

CS: What about Player Reward systems at ACOS?

NV: Our partnership with JCA Systems means that gaming venues can now offer our Loyalty System, designed to reward your players. We have an entire suite of bonus games available, which can be linked via your player database to offer multi-visit promotions, birthday or bonus offers, mystery draws and raffles – all designed to make your players feel recognized and rewarded. Prizes are awarded to clients by way of a printed receipt or by writing points back to their Loyalty Card, and the whole system communicates to Playsafe Quantum. We’re delighted to be back at ACOS this year. We will continue to offer gaming machine operators a joined-up approach to gaming and payment systems, offering clients a single, independently-owned and trusted point of contact for customers for multiple products – both hardware and networked systems.

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