Games Warehouse relaunches National Tournament on Paragon

Coinslot Games Warehouse Tournament
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Games Warehouse has launched the Tri Towers National Tournament and now could be the perfect Coinslot Andrew Hensonopportunity for operators reap the range of benefits to be had by connecting their Paragon SWP machines.

Games Warehouse is recognised for delivering compelling entertainment concepts to pubs and bars nationwide and its Paragon brand has been going strong for over 10 years.

On 16 September, Games Warehouse launched the Tri Towers National Tournament, running for 30 days and offering prizes of £1,000, £300 and £150 funded by the company. Additionally there is the local prize pool to be won, which increases with the number of plays.

The Paragon was originally supplied as a stand-alone machine but the company first looked at the opportunity to connect around eight years ago.

“At that time wifi wasn’t really the vogue so we supplied a unit that allowed operators to connect themselves,” said Andrew Henson, Games Warehouse’s commercial director. “Given the current prevalence of wifi connectivity, we feel the time is right to reestablish and relaunch the National Tournaments and as part of that we hope to encourage more people to connect.”

Multiplayer tournament play has a strong pedigree in growing SWP income and Game Warehouse’s figures suggest that Paragons that are connected online and offering Tournament have an average cashbox over 35 percent greater than non-Tournament machines.

“The prospect of the relaunch of National Tournament has encouraged many operators to connect their Paragons over the last few weeks. We have put a lot of effort into software development, and have also revamped our website,” added Henson.

Coinslot Paragon TournamentOperators can upgrade their Paragons via a simple kit with the additional benefit that once connected they can download the latest games, menus and software updates remotely, without the need for site visits.

They can also remotely configure the machine for different play zones – Tournament, Quiz, Cat C, Cat D – and monitor and manage performance using Games Warehouse’s back office management suite.

“As soon as the machines are connected then we can remotely send new updates, whether new games, menus or any software changes and the operator can access the machines via our bespoke back office system which allows them to see how it’s performing and if there are any issues,” said Henson.

“Many operators report that it is expensive to get out to site, however if you’re connected you can check a lot of things remotely, including simple things such as if there is enough money in the cash box to do a collection,” he added. “These things are important to operators because ultimately they affect their margins.”



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