Paul Langham to engineer the future as part of Gauselmann

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As head of the newly created Merkur Engineering, former Town & County boss and a new leading light in Gauselmann’s UK team, Paul Langham, explains the history and the philosophy behind his high profile transfer.

Coinslot: You are now part of the Gauselmann family, how did that come about and what was it that appealed to you?

Paul Langham: I’ve known Nick Harding both personally and professionally for some time – over 20-years in fact. We were having one of our social chats at EAG, probably about the merits of our respective north London football clubs (only one of which is genuinely from north London, by the way!) and he started talking about the future and how I saw it evolving from a Town & County point of view.

He then started to talk about the Gauselmann Group. It’s fantastic success story, its’ philosophy, the fact that it’s privately owned and I could tell the conversation had moved to another level. We then discussed what we could bring to the table and he painted a vision for the future which was exciting and dynamic. The seed was planted, the agreement was signed in May, Merkur Engineering was formed and to be perfectly honest, I could not be happier!

CS: Can you briefly outline the structure of Merkur Engineering?

PL: It’s quite simple and streamlined. Nick is Chairman, and the board comprises myself, Andy Hall, Sascha Blodau, Mark White (managing director, Regal), David Duncan and Nick Langham – both of whom are former Town & County stalwarts.

The single site, pub operating business that Town & County developed moved to Regal at the beginning of July, which, according to Mark White, was the smoothest acquisition he’s ever been involved with. Every one of the people have been retained either within Merkur Engineering or in Regal. I’ve been told that I hold some old fashioned values but the fact that no one has lost their job in this process is extremely important to me personally.

Coinslot Gauselmann

CS: What’s the remit for the new company?

PL: It’s really exciting, because it involves a lot of different responsibilities and opportunities.  Merkur Engineering will be working both within the Gauselmann family of companies and bringing business in from outside. We will be providing a single point for all of the service and engineering requirements within the organisation.

We will also provide a Centre of Excellence for the training of engineers. This will involve recreating an AGC within the building, where we can replicate a retail trading environment and provide technical training on the new systems that are coming on stream and that will revolutionise the way that Praesepe does business.

We will also be responsible for generating profit outside of the Gauselmann group.  We are already agents for JCM on TITO and we have customers to whom we sell, rent, refurbish and store equipment. We are going to be very proactive in winning new business and I’m both determined and confident that Merkur Engineering will be an important entity within the Group.

CS: How do you see the future unfolding and what are the opportunities?

PL: Nothing is going to happen by accident. We have plans and scenarios for the future of Merkur Engineering to year end, to the end of 2017 and the end of 2018. We’ve got a  great opportunity to become something really special within the industry – in many ways, I see us being an elite force in gaming and a supplier of solutions. On a personal level, it’s fantastic to be doing something new and important within what is a big and internationally recognised company. To be excited about going into work every morning after more than four decades in the industry is superb!

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