DOND licence comes up trumps for club market

Coinslot RLMS Karen Sarosi
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National distributor RLMS Sales is promoting a new offering for the club market in the shape of Bell-Fruit Games’ Club Maximum Deal or No Deal. “Once again, the Nottingham manufacturer has come up trumps with an engaging, feature packed Cat B4 model that will keep players entertained and coming back for more,” said an RLMS statement.

Presented in the Eclipse cabinet, Club Maximum Deal or No Deal is based on Scorpion 6 technology. Two maximum payouts are available; £400 and £250 via a multitude of stake options.

The aim of the game is to collect three, four or five phones for normal, Super or Mega Deal or No Deal features, while building up reel blasts and cash strikes for extra ways to win. This latest game also features the new “ASK NOEL” button. Pressing it triggers a range of extra elements, including wins, features, or even help you survive a hazard.

Territory sales manager Karen Sarosi stated: “The popularity of the Deal or No Deal brand shows no signs of slowing down, as we’ve seen yet again with this new B4 model from Bell-Fruit Games. But what BFG continue to prove is that these are great games in their own right, designed from the ground up to entertain. Club Maximum Deal or No Deal will be a fantastic addition to any members club.”

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