Rocking and rolling with the times

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As technological innovation advances at a dizzying pace, it would be easy to fall behind. But with more than half a century of industry experience under its belt, NSM Music is continually bringing its range of digital music products up to date.

“It can be challenging, but only with backing up older equipment; we have to consider this when developing new products,” sales manager, Alex Kirby said. “But, apart from that, we find it exciting. It’s technological changes that make it possible for us to develop new and original products.”

While NSM’s jukebox customer base has remained relatively consistent over the years, the company has broken into completely new markets since introducing its first back ground music system, “Icon”, back in 2014.

“We have a whole new customer base with regards to our back ground music system,” Kirby shared. “Since its launch 18 months ago we have sold this product to, pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, gyms, shops, beauty salons, hair dressers, hotels and arenas; we even have one our systems in Wembley SSE Arena.”

A top highlight on the calenders of European businesses with ties to the amusements and gaming industries, the EAG is an ideal platform for launching new innovations gives products a running start. Coinslot asked NSM what it has in store for visitors at this January’s expo.

“At this year’s EAG we will be showcasing a couple of exciting new products, including a security system called the ‘NSM FOG F15’. This product was designed to be placed above any item or equipment to protect it from being smashed up or stolen. This is achieved by emitting a high pressure, high density fog, thereby restricting visibility, which deters thieves.”

“And of course we will be showcasing our latest addition to the icon range: the ‘Storm’. This product has been developed by taking the best parts from the ‘Fusion’ and the best parts from the industries bestselling jukebox, the ‘Lite’. The outcome is the NSM Icon: ‘Storm’”.


And what else does NSM have up its sleeve for 2016?


“We have lots of ideas that we have already developed and are currently developing, but we wouldn’t like to let the cat out of the bag just yet.”


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