Lockdown unlocked: Britain’s love of the seaside nudges social isolation warnings...

At any other time it would be a welcome sight, but large crowds gathering at the seaside and elsewhere across the country, contrary to government advice, apparently steered the UK down only one path: Lockdown. So, how did this journey unfold?

TouchTunes pauses invoicing to ensure the beat goes on for pubs

In light of the current global pandemic surrounding Covid-19 and specifically following the UK government lockdown, SoundNet/TouchTunes has announced that it has paused invoicing for all of its jukeboxes in order to provide..


JNC Sales: Pushing forward

The ability to adapt to changing customer demands has allowed pushers to keep pride of place in the UK FEC market, comments Tom Clarke, managing director, and Sam Coleman, sales and marketing manager, JNC Sales.

Digital and analogue appeal is key to countering Cat C stagnation

The needs of Cat C players are growing more diverse with each coming year, something which Reflex Gaming’s wide range of digital and analogue products..

Prismatic: Polished, perfected, and still performing

Following the release of new content, cabinets, and infills at EAG in January, Astra Games has shown its commitment to polishing all sides of its already market-leading Prismatic range.

Hoop It Up scoring big earnings

Hoop It Up was an instant hit at the EAG the show in January. The small footprint meant a lot of operators were able to see this game fit easily in their location

Pushing the traditional boundaries

Pushers have been dominant at the seaside for decades, and with the rise of redemption, sales director at Inspired Gaming Sales, Tony Glanville, explains how inland FECs have started to share in this success.

Betcom’s branded games are growing the cash box!

Betcom continues to deliver some of the best licences on the market. Simon McCarthy explains the story behind the Deal or No Deal phenomenon.

Monte Carlo gives players more choice

Electrocoin’s Cat C digital content goes from strength to strength with a spate of new games under development that will see the Monte Carlo library expand to 21 games.

Digital is driving more than just the player experience

The growth of digital gaming is not just about enhancing the player experience, it’s also enabling operators to drive machine revenues thanks to a combination of data and downloads, as Matt Bicknell, Operations Director at Regal Gaming and Leisure explains.

Cashless key to redemption growth for Semnox

As redemption operators and manufacturers across the country begin to fully appreciate the capacity of cashless to streamline and enhance the game play process, Semnox CEO Kiran Karanki told Coinslot how the Mangalore-based firm is setting the trend.

Sega’s Shoot It Win It hitting the mark

Since its release, Sega’s Shoot It Win It has become a major success with operators due to its classic gameplay, which brings the fun of carnival shooting to arcades




“Pushers are the backbone of the arcade”

As we head into the 2020 season, innovative takes on classic pusher concepts are providing players with engaging new features and, in turn, operators with robust income streams, comments David Hurst, Crown Direct.



Preparing for battle and standing shoulder to shoulder

With non-essential businesses facing mandatory closure, Bacta has been active circulating the most up-to-date information in terms of monetary relief available to its members
Bacta John White

A crisis like no other